Martin joined CIRCLE as full professor in July 2011 and is currently one of its Deputy Directors . He is an economist by training and has a PhD in economics from the Jönköping International Business School (JIBS). During his PhD education he participated in several research projects on industrial dynamics, innovation and geography. He was also visiting researcher at the International Development Group (IDG) at MIT in Boston, US. After graduation from the PhD program he worked for several years as research coordinator of CESIS and post-doc researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and JIBS. He was appointed associate professor of economics in 2009 and is since 2010 also affiliated to the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

Martin’s research focuses in a broad sense on innovation, trade and location and their interplay. In this overall theme, entrepreneurship (local and international) is an important aspect. His research also attempts to account for non-linear relations and dynamics in models and empirical applications, in particular non-linear features in innovation and learning processes.

Working papers may be accessed here:


Lina Ahlin, Lucinda David, Niclas Lavesson, Palina Sauchanka, Joachim Lundblad


R&D Strategies and Entrepreneurial Spawning, forthcoming in Research Policy (with A. Baltzopoulos and H. Lööf)

Heterogeneous Distribution of Firms Sustained by Innovation Dynamics – a model with empirical application, forthcoming in Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, (with B. Johansson)

Small Business Innovation – firm-level evidence from Sweden, forthcoming in Journal of Technology Transfer (with H. Lööf)

Sources of Persistence in Regional Start-Up Rates – evidence from Sweden, Journal of Economic Geography, 2011 vol. 11, pp. 179-201 (with S. Koster)

Start-Ups and Employment Dynamics within and Across Sectors, Small Business Economics, 2011 vol. 36, pp. 461-483 (with F. Noseleit)


R-ARE (Research Group for Analyses of Rural Economies). Long-term project financed by FORMAS in Sweden, with a total funding of over 15 million SEK during a 5-year period. Martin is project leader.
Entrepreneurship, Industrial Development and Growth. Research project managed by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (E-forum) and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN). In this project, Martin works with professor Steven Klepper on spin-off processes in Sweden.
Innovation and Growth – from innovating firms to economy-wide technological change. Book project financed by VINNOVA. Martin is on the team of editors.

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