Magnus is associate professor at CIRCLE and the Department of Business Administration in Lund. He is currently Deputy Director of CIRCLE. Magnus has a PhD in Business Administration from the School of Economics and Management in Lund.

Magnus’ research focuses on innovation and knowledge dynamics broadly. He has done research on innovation systems and innovation policy mainly from a regional perspective; knowledge flows and networks as well as the impact of space on trust creation processes. The main research focus today is on knowledge dynamics and firm-level growth patterns in core and periphery.

Supervision of PhD students
Yana Borissenko, Clarissa Sia-Ljungström

Selected publications
Grillitsch, M., Nilsson, M. (2015) Innovation in peripheral regions: Do collaborations compensate for a lack of local knowledge spillovers? The Annals of Regional Science. 54(1) 299-321.
Grillitsch, M., Nilsson, M. (2016) Firm Performance in the Periphery: On the Relation between Firm-Internal Knowledge and Local Knowledge Spillovers. Regional Studies. DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2016.1175554.
Isaksen, A., Nilsson, M. (2013) Combined Innovation Policy: Linking Scientific and Practical Knowledge in Innovation Systems. European Planning Studies. 21(12) 1919-1936.
Nilsson, M., Mattes, J. (2015) The spatiality of trust: Factors influencing the creation of trust and the role of face-to-face contacts. European Management Journal. 33(4) 230-244.
Nilsson, M., Moodysson, J. (2015) Regional Innovation Policy and Coordination – Illustrations from Southern Sweden. Science and Public Policy. 42(2) 147-161.

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