Johan Miörner is a PhD candidate in Economic Geography at CIRCLE and at the department of Human Geography, Lund University, Sweden. He holds a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Politics and Economics and a Master in Innovation and Spatial Dynamics from Lund University. His main research interests lie in the field of innovation studies, with a focus on regional industrial path development, regional innovation systems and regional innovation policy. He is particularly interested in the interplay between the regional context and new industrial growth paths, regional transformation processes and the role of change agents.

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Miörner J. and Trippl M. (2016) Paving the way for new regional industrial paths: Actors of change in Scania’s games industry. European Planning Studies: 1-17.
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Trippl M., Asheim B. and Miörner J. (2015) Identification of regions with less developed research and innovation systems, in Parrilli M. D., Dahl Fitjar, R. and Rodriguez-Pose A. (eds.) Innovation drivers and regional innovation strategy, London: Routledge, 2016.
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