Joakim Wernberg is a PhD candidate in economic geography at CIRCLE. His dissertation is on economic activity and innovation in cities. His main research interests are urban economics, agglomeration economies, social interactions and quantitative analysis. Joakim is part of the platform Innovation Skills, Strategies and Industrial Renewal at CIRCLE. He is especially interested in the current developments towards a coherent science for cities.

Joakim has a general interest in the interaction between technology and society and he holds a fellowship at Lund University Internet Institute (LUii). He has worked on issues concerning the single digital market, big/open (government) data, internet governance and digital entrepreneurship.

Joakim has a background in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), where he specialized in applied mathematics, game theory and technology studies. He has several years of experience as a public policy analyst and a public affairs consultant. He is currently a senior policy analyst (on a leave of absence) at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Southern Sweden (Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren).

You can also find Joakim on LinkedIn, Twitter and ResearchGate.


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